Board of Directors

Ridgefield CT

Gregory zaic

While a venture capitalist and corporate advisor by vocation, music has always played a large part of Gregory Zaic’s life. 


Since 2007 he has been a member of the choir at First Congregational Church (FCC) and a proud participant in the FMCS concert choir.  Additionally, for more than 10 years, he has exercised his other instrument leading the Catoonah Street Jazz and Blues Society (a traditional New Orleans style band) on clarinet and sax, as well as playing occasional solos during services at FCC (Fauré, Mozart, etc.). 


In 2018 when FCC decided to regretfully withdraw its subsidy of the Fountain Music Series, he was urged on by friends in the community as well as in the church to help keep this 22-year-old tradition alive. Greg conceived the idea of creating a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to finance the newly re-named Fountain Music Concert Series by attracting non-church donors. 

Greg currently heads the Board of Directors of the Fountain Music Concert Series.

Ridgefield Symphony

Charles Frederick Secrease

Charles “Frederick” Secrease (he goes by his middle name) is a native of Western Massachusetts. As the Grandson, Son and sibling of musicians, Frederick hails from a long family tradition of music. From an early age, he began singing in the church choir under his Father’s direction. His own studies in music began around that time with piano, voice and later, trumpet lessons.  At the age of 16, he was hired as the full time Music Director (organist/choir director) for the First Congregational Church of Brimfield, MA. In the years since, Frederick has accumulated over thirty years of service as Music Director for churches across multiple denominations.  He currently serves as Director of Music here at First Congregational Church, Ridgefield.

Outside of the church, Frederick has also had a notable career as a concertizing performer. As a pianist, conductor and educator, he has studied, collaborated and taught at such notable institutes as the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, The Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China and the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. He has also brought his talents to the theatrical stage as both a musical director and a performer in his own right. As a music director, Frederick has worked with more than 25 different musical and theatrical productions. As an actor, he has performed both contemporary and classical theater with numerous productions and companies across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Frederick currently serves as the Artistic Director for the Fountain Music Concert Series.

Danbury CT Music

Billy Stroud-Boutté

Billy Stroud-Boutté is a management consultant living in Putnam County New York with his husband.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Art History and a Masters of Art Education from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In his free time he enjoys oil painting, gardening and entertaining at home. 

Billy currently serves on the FMCS Board of Directors as VP of Development. 

Ridgefield CT Music

Lori Guarnera

 Lori Guarnera has spent her career in the commercial insurance industry in a variety of roles including Aviation reinsurance, Casualty underwriting and as a Risk Consultant.  Earlier in her career she held several positions in manufacturing accounting. After living in Manhattan for 25 years, Lori now makes her home in Ridgefield CT with her dog Carlos.  She enjoys singing, movies, traveling, cooking, music and gardening. 

 Lori has been affiliated with the Fountain Music Series organization for 2 years and currently serves as Treasurer on the FMCS Board of Directors.

Fairfield CT Music

Barbara roush

Barbara Roush serves the FMCS Board as Secretary and plans the receptions for each of the concerts.  She is a relatively new resident of Ridgefield and is a member of First Congregational Church serving on the Hospitality, Chancel Guild (flowers) and Music Leadership committees. 

 Barbara was born, raised and educated in Canton, OH and has enjoyed a career in  managing customer service and contact centers for various B2B and B2C companies in CT, GA, KY, CA, NJ and NY.


erin b. williams secrease

Erin B. Williams Secrease is an executive at IBM and moved to the Ridgefield area in 2017 with her son and husband.  She is an active sponsor of the arts and has sung with various ensembles including the Paris Choral Society, Canterbury Choral Society (NYC) and the Capitol Hill Chorale (Washington, DC) as well as volunteering backstage with the Blue Hill Troupe in NYC.  She has served on the board of various 501(c)(3) charities and is thrilled to collaborate with the new FMCS organization as they grow and seek to bring differentiated musical programs to the Ridgefield area.   

Erin currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing on the FMCS Board and welcomes the insights of all to better promote our series.